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Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Overseas education is a dream of many students. We surf through a lot of universities while doing that but Canada is one of the favorite destinations of the students to study. It is because of the excellent study system of that country with a bounty of academic facilities. Plus, the quality of life of Canada is so great that everybody craves to go there. Apart from all that, the fee structure of the Canadian universities is lower in comparison to all other countries. So, if you are one amongst those who aspire to study in Canada then Premium Wisdom is the Best Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh of all. We have an expert team of skilled professionals who counsel the students so as to where they can study and which course they should apply for according to their tastes and interests. Such counselling enables students to opt for the perfect courses for them.

In order to study in Canada, you need to get a visa and we at Premium Wisdom help you to get it. We also train you in your visa or embassy interview and your IELTS/TOEFL exam. Canada marks itself to be one of the dream universities of the students owing to a variety of factors. The statistics have shown that more than five lakh international students have been studying in the country at all levels which clearly describes its popularity among the world. Besides study they also allow international students to work so that they can generate their fees out of their income. Also, the culture of Canada is to live for. We, Top Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh are therefore, the mediators between you and your dream university. If you are planning to study in Canada, then Premium Wisdom is the solution to all your problems. Come to us and we will take you on the right path.

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Canada is situated in the northern part of north America. Its major cities include Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Toronto, Montreal and so on. The capital of this country is Ottawa. Justin Trudeau being the prime minister of the country. English and French are the major languages spoken here. Its estimated population is 37million. The form of currency used here is Canadian dollar.

Top reasons to study in Canada:

The major reason to come to Canada is the quality of education that it provides. Apart from academic studies, students develop a lot of skills that are required in other spheres of life. No doubt, the education of Canadian universities is top class. It is therefore the top student destinations of the students.

  • Fee wise, Canada is one of the most affordable cities to live in. As per the facts and figures Canada has been ranked as one of the most economical countries to study in as compared to the other ones. Studying abroad is a very expensive thing but Canada outstands as one of the most affordable countries to live and study in.
  • Also, if you find it to be very expensive, Canada offers you to even work while you study. There are a lot of international students who not only study but also work at a lot of places. This helps them to extract their expenditure out of their salaries. Generally, students don’t even need a work permit to work.
  • Canada is one of the most peaceful countries across the globe. This grants the international students from any discriminations and threats which are mostly posed to them in other countries. This marks it as one of the safest study destinations for the students.
  • Canada also gives the option of providing permanent residence to those who have once studies there. Certain courses are crafted in such a way that they provide you a permanent residence.

Work permits

You are allowed to work in Canada even if you are a student. You can apply for a student permit and then work even while you are studying on campus or off campus. You can work for 20 hours per week while your semester is ongoing and can even extend it during your vacations.

Why Premium Wisdom to Handle Your Visa Process?

  • The qualified team of advisers are always present for any assistance.
  • Hassle Free Immigration Processing
  • We follow strict Professional Procedure to handle any sort of challenges
  • Premium Wisdom thrive on teamwork for bringing positive results
  • Transparent Information and Guidance
  • We are committed towards achievina g common goal- A satisfied Clientele
  • Honest communication encourages the flow of information.
  • We encourage suggestions and recommendations by our clients.
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  • We learn from our past decisions and actions, and continuously work towardthe s betterment of performance.
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  • A Commitment to Quality.

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Top universities in Canada:

Canada offers a broad range of colleges and universities where you can apply. The cities of Montreal,Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec have a very multicultural and amiable atmosphere for the students to adjust in. These cities have a vast number of universities situated in them who have a good ranking across the globe. Let us have a look at few of the top Canadian universities:

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill university
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster university
  • University de Montreal
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western university
  • Simon Fraser university

Exams to be taken:

  • The test of TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) is conducted to evaluate the proficiency of an individual in English. This exam is for those who wish to pursue their higher education in Canada.
  • The exam of GRE (graduate record exam) is most commonly taken for graduate admissions
  • The SAT (standardized entrance test) exam is taken by those who want to go for the undergraduate courses.
  • The IELTS (international English language testing system)test is taken by those who want to pursue higher education in India. It is accepted for immigration purposes by all.
  • The MCAT(medical college admission test) is generally required for admission into medical programs. It determines one’s ability to perform in a medical school.
  • LSAT (law school admission test)is required for pursuing a degree in law.

Associated Universities

Worry About Your Immigration Process?

Courses available in Canada for international students to get jobs:

  • MBA
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Business and Finance
  • Core engineering and Engineering Management
  • Physical and Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy
  • Agricultural Science and Forestry
  • Biosciences, Medicine and Healthcare
  • Media and Journalism
  • Mathematics, statistics, actuarial science and analytics
  • Psychology and Human Resources
  • Other subjects include architecture, hospitality and education.

Canadian universities provide all these subjects as a choice to the students who aspire to go there and study. Every child wants to learn these courses as their graduate or undergraduate programs. Other than this there are a lot of other courses that one can look for.

Costs to study in Canada

For an undergraduate degree you need to approximately pay about CA$25,180per year. For post graduate degree you need to pay an average of CA$16,252 per year. Other costs sum up to approximately CA$10,000 per year. These costs are very tentative and approximate. It entirely depends on the university you are studying in and the country you are living in.

Documents required for visa application

  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Fee receipt
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)
  • Financial proofs
  • Academic qualifications
  • Your test marksheets
  • Medical reports

After this, submit your application online through IRCC website or manually at VFS office for Canada.

Applying for Permanent Residence

Students can apply for a permanent residence if they have been studying for 2 years from a recognized institution and then you can apply for PR by filling a form.

Premium Wisdom – your first choice.

If you are the one who wishes to study in Canada then we are there to assist you. Premium Wisdom is one of the most reliable and credible institutes in the entire city of Chandigarh. We have been successfully providing visa services to our clients in all these years. Apart from all this we are also specialized in the following courses:

  • IELTS coaching
  • PTE coaching
  • TOEFL coaching
  • German language coaching
  • Personality development course
  • English speaking course

At Premium Wisdom we believe in rendering qualitative service to our clients. We act as a mediator between you and the place you want to reach. So, if you aspire to be a part of any foreign university enroll with us now and we will lead you through  it.

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