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The continent of Europe is a home to many old and prestigious universities. Apart from this, its beauty is so immense that it naturally gravitates a lot of students from all over the world. Education in Europe is highly subsidized, so the international students enjoy either full tuition fees, no fees or moderate fees. This totally depends upon the type of program one is doing and the country he is studying in. So, if you wish to study in Europe then we at Premium Wisdom provide the best services to you.

Our institute has a great and dedicated team of counsellors and guides who give proper counselling to students regarding their visa application, the course they want to opt for and the university that they want to apply to. Obviously, before going for overseas education you need to undergo a lot of research to search for the right kind of track for you.

In this case, we come at your aid. If you are the one who wants to study in Europe, then come to us and we will guide you with the best of what we have. Our professionals are quite skilled and are very effortless in teaching. They can do all, from preparing you for your IELTS exam to preparing you for your interview. To study in Europe, you need to acquire all these skills and techniques to sail through the entire processing. Premium Wisdom is a one single platform where you can learn all the techniques at a reasonable price without any difficulty.

Although the procedure now is completely online, and you can do all the stuff on your own but hiring an agency never goes wasted. You can refrain yourselves from falling into all these burdens. So, if you wish to study in Europe register with us.

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Europe is a continent located in the northern hemisphere enveloped by Arctic ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. With a total population of 741,447,158 people, it consists of 50 sovereign states. The most common languages are Russian, German, French, Italian, English, Polish, Spanish & Dutch. Its largest urban areas are Istanbul, Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome & Berlin. London being the largest of all. The currency used here is Euro.

Why should you study in Europe?

Every year a considerable number of students come to Europe to pursue their education or to gain some international experience and they never regret coming here. It is because of numerous factors. Here are the top reasons you should come to Europe to pursue your education:

  • A lot of European universities offer their students to work here once they have completed their graduation. It therefore provides a great boost to your career leading doors to vast opportunities.
  • European universities have an excellent system of education which ultimately gravitates a lot of students every year to complete their education.
  • The universities of Europe are considered to be the best of all. It is because they are very affordable and some of them are even free. In addition to this this they also provide a plenty of scholarship programs to their students both international and domestic so that they can fund their education on their own.
  • They are also efficient in providing a broad spectrum of graduation and post-graduation courses ranging from small disciplines to bigger ones. Whatever course you are looking for, Europe has it all.
  • Although a lot of regional and other languages are prevalent in Europe the basic education system of the most of the European universities is in English. This is one of the major reasons of the students who come to study here.
  • The culture of Europe is quite diverse and the people there are immensely warm and welcoming. You do not have to worry about anything here. The attitude of the local people is very amiable and friendly.
  • Europe also provides a lot of help in research field. So, if you are the one who wishes to look for something in the sphere of research then Europe is best suited for you.

All these attributes thus, perfectly define why you should study in the continent of Europe. A lot of people migrate each year to this place to study and obtain knowledge.

Why Premium Wisdom to Handle Your Visa Process?

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  • Hassle Free Immigration Processing
  • We folloa w strict Professional Procedure to handle any sort of challenges
  • Premium Wisdom thrive on teamwork for bringing positive results
  • Transparent Information and Guidance
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  • Honest communication encourages the flow of information.
  • We encourage suggestions and recommendations by our clients.
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  • We learn from our past decisions and actions, and continuously work towardthe s betterment of performance.
  • Guarantee for remarkable improvement
  • A Commitment to Quality.

Worry About Your Immigration Process?

How to apply for a student visa

In order to, complete your course for more than three months you need to apply for a Long Stay Study visa at the embassy of that country. For that you need

  • Two visa application forms
  • Two photographs
  • Current and previous passports
  • Residence proof
  • Medical insurance
  • Letter of acceptance of the University or College
  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Proof of financial sources
  • Receipt of your paid visa fee

Submit your visa application at the respective embassy of that country three months prior to your trip. It takes almost 15 days for them to reply. Different universities have a different deadline date of applications.

Costs to study in Europe:

The aggregate tuition fees for an international student for a bachelor’s degree is 8.600EUR/year and for a master’s degree is approximately 10.170EUR/year. How,ever you get an access to a lot of scholarships in various universities.

Universities in Europe

Europe is a home to some of the top universities of the world who have gained a global rank in the world. Let us have a look at all the top ranked universities of Europe which are the first favorite choice of students from all over the world:

  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • University College London, UK
  • The University of Edinburgh in UK
  • The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • The University of Manchester, UK
  • King’s College, London
  • The London school of Economics and Political Science

All these universities are the best counted ones in the whole lot of Europe as well as globally. To get admission in any one of these you need to have a proper guidance and counselling on which university you should apply for.

Exams to take to study in Europe

To study in Europe, you need to clear one language exam and one standardized exam. The standardized exam depends upon the college you are studying in and the course you want to do. Let us have a brief look of it:

  • For undergraduate prog,rams you need to clear either IELTS or PTE to test your proficiency and SAT or ACT as a standardized test.
  • MBA requires GMAT or GRE and IELTS or PTE.
  • MS requires GRE and IELTS or PTE

If you can clear these tests, then the next thing that you must do is to prepare for your visa interview. Once the interview is also cleared you can easily get into your favorite university or college.

For obtaining a Permanent Residence into Europe

If you have been living in a European country legally for a duration of five years, then you can easily apply for a PR. Obviously, you need to submit a proof of that while applying for your PR. Let us now have a look at the documents that you require while applying for a PR:

  • A valid certificate of your arrival in the country
  • Your rent proofs
  • Receipt of your pay slips, bank statements and so on

Associated Universities

Worry About Your Immigration Process?

Why choose Premium Wisdom to study in Europe?

Premium Wisdom has established its name among the residents of the city. It is because of the quality services that we provide to our students. We offer a broad spectrum of coaching services to our students so that they can easily follow their dreams and pursue them. Apart from all that we also render the following training to you:

  • IELTS coaching
  • PTE coaching
  • TOEFL coaching
  • German language coaching
  • Personality development course
  • English speaking course

So, if you want to go for any one of the courses then register yourselves with our batches and we will help you sail through your dreams. Enroll with us and avail the opportunities.


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