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Study in New Zealand

In the past few years, New Zealand has become a popular hub for students to get their education done. As per the statistics, a lot of students took admission in various universities of New Zealand. Owing to the landscape and a lot of things, the country has become a new destination for a lot of international students to pursue their education. So, if you want tostudy in New Zealand then Premium Wisdom is the best option for you. We have a skilled team of professionals who workvery dedicatedly to serve their clients. We work round the clock to serve you. Our excellent infrastructure and transparency in working has made us one of the leading institutes of the Tricity. So, if you wish to go abroad and study in New Zealand then we have the best opportunities for you. We also act as mediator between you and your dream university.

The state of New Zealand has some breath taking beautiful landscapes which makes it famous among the students. In short, New Zealand has become quite a popular place among the students. Thus, if you are planning to study in New Zealand then we are there to assist you always. We provide proper guidance and counselling to our students so that they can choose what they want to do in accordance to their tastes and interests. We also guide you in your entire procedure of visa application and constantly update you about its status. We make sure that you do not have to take any headache or stress while starting a new life in a new country. We will also guide you in the complete process of visa application, exams and tests that you need to take so on and so forth. So, in order to study in New Zealand, you should definitely come to an institute like ours who can guide you right.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the south of Pacific Ocean. It comprises 2 main islands. Its capital is Wellington and largest city is Auckland. The dialing code of the country is +64 and the currency used here is New Zealand dollar NZD. The population of the country is approximately 47.9 lakhs.

New Zealand: a new hub for students

  • The degrees of New Zealand are internationally recognized and are highly known worldwide.
  • The quality of education is brilliant in the state of New Zealand. The students are given individual attention as their population is low.
  • They also engage students in practical and academic spheres.
  • New Zealand is a very resourceful country. Any job done ithe n creative field is highly regarded.
  • The country is also a great tourist attraction for many people of the world. So, even if you are free and have nothing to do, site seeing is something that you can always enjoy doing.
  • The cost of studying in New Zealand is approximately 20,000 and 25,000 NZD per year for arts and science courses. For undergraduate progr,am it can cost 18,000 AND 25,000 NZD per year and for a postgradua,te it can cost 10,000 and 30,000 NZD. You also have to include your living and transportation costs.
  • As an international stude,nt you can also apply for scholarships that are provided by the government of New Zealand.
  • Crime rate is comparatively low in New Zealand which makes it conducive for students to come and live a secured life without any worries and tensions.
  • One can also stay back in the country to work or stuff like that.

All these parameters greatly contribute to the popularity and emergence of New Zealand as a new hub for students who wish to study here.

Costs of studying in NZ

The cost of studying in New Zealand is approximately 20,000 and 25,000 NZD per year for arts and science courses. For undergraduate program it can cost 18,000 AND 25,000 NZD per year and for a postgraduate it can cost 10,000 and 30,000 NZD. You also have to include your living and transportation costs.

Why Premium Wisdom to Handle Your Visa Process?

  • The qualified team of advisers are always present for any assistance.
  • Hassle Free Immigration Processing
  • We folloa w strict Professional Procedure to handle any sort of challenges
  • Premium Wisdom thrive on teamwork for bringing positive results
  • Transparent Information and Guidance
  • We are committed towaan rdan s achievina g common goal- A satisfied Clientele
  • Honest communication encourages the flow of information.
  • We encourage suggestions and recommendations by our clients.
  • We have set up certain benchmarks for ourselves in terms of delivering of services.
  • We learn from our past decisions and actions, and continuously work towardthe s betterment of performance.
  • Guarantee for remarkable improvement
  • A Commitment to Quality.

Worry About Your Immigration Process?

Visa process:

One has to apply for a student visa if he or she wishes to live in New Zealand for more than three months. If you are from Australia or countries that have an agreement with the country then you do not need a visa. If you have a visa then you can live up to four years. You also get a work permit for working at least 20 hours per week. Visa can be applied by an embassy or consulate or you can fill it online. However, going to a consulate is much better as they reduce your burden of constantly checking the status of visa and so on.

Top universities in New Zealand:

As per the statistics of 2018eight top universities are incthe ludedthe in global ranking. Let us have a list of universities most popular among the students.

  • University of Auckland in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland
  • University of Otago in Dunedin
  • University of Canterbury in Christchurch
  • Victoria university of Wellington in Wellington
  • University of Waikato in Hamilton
  • Massey university
  • Lincoln university
  • Auckland university of Technology

These universities have a great global ranking and provide a plethora of graduate programs.

Exams to take:

The students have to pass one or more than one test before they can be considered by universities for admission. These tests range from college admission tests like GRE, GMAT and SAT to English language tests such as TOEFL and IELTS.

Top study courses in New Zealand:

Albeit, there are a lot of courses in the state of New Zealand that are offered to the students. But a few of them are really preferred by the students:

  • Computer science and IT
  • Educational research
  • Psychology
  • Commerce
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Bio and Biomedical Engineering

These programs are the most prioritized by students who wish to study abroad in the country of New Zealand. Apart from this there a lot of other graduate and post graduate programs for students.

Associated Universities

Worry About Your Immigration Process?

Getting a PR

To apply for a permanent visa, you firstly need to have a resident visa of 24 months continuously. Then you need to fill an application form and get your visa approved.

Why choose Premium Wisdom?

Premium Wisdom is one of the most reliable and credible institutes in the city of Chandigarh. We

have successfully provided visa services to a lot of individuals. To whichever country you want to go,

we advise you the best. Our expert professionals are efficient in providing aid to the students. Apart

from counselling and guiding, we also aid the following services:

  • IELTS coaching
  • PTE coaching
  • TOEFL coaching
  • German language coaching
  • Personality development course
  • English speaking course

Our main aim is to guide you with the best of we have. We believe in providing quality services to

those who wish to go abroad and study. We work very efficiently and dedicatedly to make your

travel possible. So, if you wish to study in one of the universities of USA then register with us now

and we will lead you through it.


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