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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

Premium Wisdom is the best institute for TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh. We provide 100% practical training to our students. The role played by English proficiency exams, for getting admission in the foreign university is a known fact. The prominence of the TOEFL exam has augmented the demand for TOEFL training in North India. The main reason for taking TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh is the difficulty level of the exam. The aim of the TOEFL exam is to test the candidates English proficiency level, which itself gives an indication that the exam is not easy for someone from the Non-English speaking country. All the sections in the exam, especially speaking and listening sections necessitates knowledge and accurate usage of the English language.

It is also important to get precision and fastness in answering the question, as the TOEFL exam is an Internet Based Test. With so many things to look for, the best option is to look for an institute that can provide the best TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh.

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Importance of TOEFL Coaching:

TOEFL Exam has different sections, and it handles all the sections is not the same for everyone. Especially, Non-native English speakers may find speaking, and listening section stimulating to handle. Another point to consider is that, as the TOEFL exam is an Internet Based Test, in which speed play an important role, which can only be gained through constant practice. In such a situation, attaining TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh can help you achieve your score, by providing unique tips and shortcuts on challenging questions.

To get good grades in TOEFL, you would be required to devote proper time to the studies. You need to clear all the aspects from grammar to verbal communication and even spelling, the TOEFL Test will test you on several frontiers. The only sure shot way of clearing the TOEFL exam is to understand the concepts of the English language, and that is where Premium Wisdom comes to the picture, with our experienced trainers we will guide you perfectly and make sure you clear the exam in no time.

Our TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh provides ample practice time which makes us unique from other TOEFL institutes to help the candidates understand the basic concepts. The teaching methods are carefully selected to ensure that the students are able to grasp the concepts more easily.

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  • The qualified team of advisers are always present for any assistance.
  • Hassle Free Immigration Processing
  • We follow strict Professional Procedure to handle any sort of challenges
  • Premium Wisdom thrive on teamwork for bringing positive results
  • Transparent Information and Guidance
  • We are committed towards achieving common goal- A satisfied Clientele
  • Honest communication encourages the flow of information.
  • We encourage suggestions and recommendations by our clients.
  • We have set up certain benchmarks for ourselves in terms of delivering of services.
  • We learn from our past decisions and actions, and continuously work towards betterment of performance.
  • Guarantee for remarkable improvement
  • A Commitment to Quality.

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TOEFL Exam Pattern

The TOEFL is an internet-based examination which assesses one’s ability to succeed in academic studies in an English-speaking environment. The TOEFL will test English language skills in four areas, and your TOEFL score report will contain five scores: one total score on a scale of 0 to 120, and four scores, each on a scale of 0 to 30. The skill assessment is for the modules having total Score (0 to 120 points): 
1>Listening (0 to 30 points)
2>Reading (0 to 30 points)
3>Speaking (0 to 30 points)
4>Writing (0 to 30 points)

During the test, you are asked to do tasks that combine your English communication skills, such as:
A> Read, listen and then speak in response to a question.
B> Listen and then speak in response to a question.
C> Read, listen and then write in response to a question.

Listening (60–90 minutes)

4–6 lectures, each 3–5 minutes long with six questions.
2–3 conversations, each 3 minutes long with five questions apiece.

Speaking (20 minutes)

2 independent tasks speak about a familiar topic.
4 integrated tasks: speak based on what you read and hear
The candidate has 30 seconds to arrange and one minute to respond
Scoring: 0–4 points, converted to a 0–30 score scale
The candidate is required to present his concepts using a varied range of lexical resource, grammatical range, and content of ideas.
ETS-certified test scorers rate responses and assess how well you develop your topic and deliver your message in English.

Reading (60–100 minutes)

3–5 passages from academic texts, each 700 words long.
12–14 questions per passage.
This module necessitates a candidate to efficiently read, managing the time and he may also use the glossary for the keywords.

Writing (50 minutes)

1 integrated task: to be written based on what is heard.
1 independent task whereby one requires to support an opinion
Scoring: 0–5 points, converted to a 0–30 score scale
This module evaluates the ability of a person to be able to write using a wide range of grammar, vocabulary, and content.

Automated scoring technology is used along with human ratings to score the integrated writing tasks. The human judgment is used for content and meaning and computerized scoring is used for linguistic features which shall certify quality scores. Your scores will be obtainable online 15 days after you take the TOEFL test and the said scores will be valid for a span of two years.

Why Choose Premium Wisdom for IELTS Training?

 Premium Wisdom is the most reliable Institute for IELTS Training in Chandigarh. We can proudly say this because of the results that we have achieved over the years, there are many other IELTS Coaching Centres in Chandigarh, but we are different in the following ways:

  • Our Fees for IELTS Coaching is very moderate and can be afforded by the people coming from every walk of life.
  • Our success rate speaks for us.
  • We have the most experienced trainers preparing students for a better future.
  • We also conduct Unlimited doubt sessions for the students.
  • Our training is purely practical based.
  • To focus on every student, we have kept very small batches.
  • Our Learning material is according to the current standards.
  • We also provide study material to the students.

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TOEFL Training with Premium Wisdom

  • The training at Premium Wisdom shall help the student in the following ways to attain the desired scores.
  • Assessmea nt of student’s ability to attain the desired score.
  • The suggestion about the necessary time period to achieve the required scores.
  • Learning advanced grammatical range to assist the student in writing and speaking.
  • Learning a range of vocabulary to be used for writing and speaking.
  • Tips and tricks to crack through the Listening and Reading modules.
  • Assist to crack through every question type.
  • Imbibing methods of effective reading in a stipulated time span.
  • Building pronunciation, fluency, and content of speaking.
  • Refining analytical writing skills and learning the style of writing necessary for different sorts of writing assessment tasks.
  • Learning expression of thought expressively.


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